Go anon and pretend to be my character’s child,


➤ BUT HERE’s the CATCH! :

Try to incorporate in it a fact/reference to the other parent (without saying their name/URL/ship).

I’ll answer the anon and then also try to guess the ship, or say which one I think the child would belong best from.

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Send ” /)////(\ ” if you’re too shy to ask to RP with me, but you really want to.

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thedragonheadgirl whispered: Headcanon: Billy, besides having all around subpar eyesight, is protanopic (i.e.: red colorblind) so he actually thinks his bright red, might-as-well-have-a-target-painted-on-his-back suit is some neutral color and whoever picked out the fabric for him was totally fucking with him. It became this big inside joke at the Academy. No one who knew about the prank wanted to tell him and people who didn’t know just assumed he was trying to show off. No one said anything. He still doesn't know.

((YES ABSOLUTELY YES. This is a perfect headcanon and I completely and utterly accept this. Thank you so much.))

Anonymous whispered: Headcanon: Billy loves himself, and will sometimes make multiples so he can compliment himself without looking too weird.

((Hm… yes and no

I can imagine him doing this when he was back in the HIVE, where strangely enough, he felt more… insecure about himself, despite him giving off the impression that he was self-confident and such. Yknow?

But now, being older and a bit less immature, I don’t think he’d do that.))

Send me a url and I’ll record my voice saying the url along with what I think of them.

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Anonymous whispered: bad headcanon. billy has a thing for cyborg. becuz he's part metal. like his car and billy loves cars a lot.


((Alright. How about this. Send me your headcanons about my character. If I like them, I’ll keep them.))


Why y’all like my voice?

What’s wrong with y’all. I sound like a sick.

I still don’t understand why you like about me at all like explain please.


I still do not understand why you all like my voice.

I literally don’t. I think I sound awkward and gross no matter what but thank you!